Urban planning and design can be a form of social activism when applying an intentional focus on designing for a socially and spatially just city, inclusive, accessible to all, and supportive of its residents' wellbeing.

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Design Lead and Project Manager: Iuliana Morar.

Prime Consultant: GH Collaborative

Renderings: GH Collaborative


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Killarney Elementary Legacy Gardens (2022)

The Legacy Gardens concept was designed around the concept of LandRoom, developed by Northern Land Studio in 2017. Accordingly with this design concept, an outdoor space, a park, a plaza, allows for a responsive, adaptive redesign, reflecting the spatial and aesthetic logic of its occupants, as they come. Same as a "good bones" house accommodates generations upon generations of homeowners, allowing passively for a functional and aesthetic appropriation, a LandRoom breaks away from the "forever", set-in-stone design practice, leaving room for dynamic adaptation.  

Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan

#social activism

The 2020-2030 Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan

The 2020-2030 Recreation Master Plan boldly brings into the municipal recreation conversation important matters:

how to learn from, embrace and support the Inuit way of being, address gender inequalities, understand the spectrum of inclusivity and belonging, suicide and mental health, and the use of local resources, and building and supporting
local capacity to sustain a circular economy.

Role: Sub-consultant Urban Analysis and Planning, Engagement and Graphic Design

#vernacular practices at water's edge

Qikiqtani Inuit Association - Inuit Owned Lands
Iqaluit Beach - Study

Learning and understanding traditional Inuit practices at waters' edge was a big and incredibly rewarding part of this project.

Role: Sub-consultant Research and Graphic Design

Circulation patterns Iqaluit beach on Inuit owned lands
Iqaluit Astro Hill

#designing with Nature

Astro Hill Iqaluit Master Plan

The redevelopment of the Astro Hill area in the core of Iqaluit explored innovative alternatives for an environmentally adapted, people-centered neighborhood. Studying exposure around the year, snow drift and local conditions, the master plan advocated for a cluster - like layout to support social interaction and mitigate loneliness in the wind-swept Iqaluit.

Role: Sub-consultant Urban Planning and Design

#iron horse

Iron Horse Staging Park
Planning, Cold Lake

The Eastern end point of the historic Iron Horse trail has the potential to be more than a staging area. The project explored the potential of an urban park as an interface between the rural trail experience and the City. 

Role: Sub-consultant Urban Planning and Design

Iron Horse Staging Area Park

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