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Iuliana Morar is a Landscape Architecture and Urban Design professional with a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor degree in Physics.

As a creative professional of the built environment, she has been dividing her time between the analytical and the creative process, working on projects in northern Alberta, British Columbia and Nunavut. Focusing on on the social and contextual complexities challenging northern settlements, her body of work spans from urban design, master-planning and public engagement, to research, public art and volunteer projects for community development.

Interested in the way the built environment affects our health, Iuliana has committed to an intentional professional practice of just urbanism, advocating through planning and design for social equity, inclusiveness, belonging and a healthy city for all. 

Since March 2021, Iuliana has been a member of the Inglewood Planning Committee, and occupies the Chair position since Oct 2021.


Iuliana Morar


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