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Igniting vibrancy in urban gaps



A practical approach to revitalization




Elevating living



Building awareness trough land art installations

Imagining what could be begins by understanding what is.

Northern Land Studio Inc. is a multi-disciplinary placemaking consultancy dedicated to creating lasting, self-sustaining vibrancy in vacant urban areas.

We specialize in tactical urbanism, using practical, easily deployable solutions to turn places around and achieve pop-up vibrancy. With innovative concepts such as the Caboodle, we integrate seamlessly convenience with community, fostering local engagement and economic growth. We take pride in our unique scalable approach, working closely with municipalities, local communities, and businesses to address critical urban challenges. By leveraging local communities and existing infrastructure, we make the most out of what already exists, adapting the built environment to support local life, strengthening social bonds and creating healthier, more inclusive places.

With a steadfast commitment to social equity, a just city, and healthy places, we're not just a consultancy; we're your partners in building thriving communities. Together, we can turn gaps in the urban fabric into sustainable, vibrant places that leave a legacy of enduring vibrancy for your town or city.

We like to think about urban planning and design as a form of social activism, and believe in its power to generate change by creating places that support positive health outcomes for people that use them. 

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Nov/ 2023

The senior and dementia-friendly winter Caboodle is fully operational the the George Boyack long-term care facility and it made the news. Wondering what a Caboodle is?


March/ 2023

The Truth and Reconciliation monument at the High Level Friendship Park is complete. A highlight of our professional journey for sure.

Installation of the Truth and Reconciliation Monument in High Level, Alberta


Sometime/  2022

We are so proud of our contribution to the 2020-2030 Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan that was awarded the 2022 National Award of Excellence!

Reach out to learn more about our work methodology; we are always happy to share our knowledge.

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