The 2020-2030 Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan

Responding to a particularly complex social, environmental and economic environment, the Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan boldly brings into the municipal recreation conversation important matters: how to embrace and support the Inuit way of being, to acknowledge and proact to the role of recreation in gender inequalities, suicide and mental health, understand the spectrum of inclusivity, the use of local resources and sustainable practices, and building and supporting local capacity to sustain a circular economy.

With LocalsKnow, the highly innovative planning process led by a Landscape Architect, turned to the locals to learn about vernacular recreation practices, acknowledging that facilities are not only physical places, but also have cultural and spiritual dimensions.

Unearthing the underlying causes of low Inuit participation to programs and seasonal disparities in facility utilization, a unique, comprehensive Analysis identified key social, contextual, and economic determinants, as factors with decisive outcome on the performance of recreation programs and facilities in Iqaluit.

A set of implementation tools observing alignment between operations and plan goals, turned the Master Plan into a highly innovative decisional blueprint for Recreation in Iqaluit.


Recreation Master Plan


Iqaluit, Nunavut