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Curating experiences: adaptive urban spaces for seniors

As a long term care resident, one depends entirely on its surrounding environment and others for one's day-to-day living experience. Often times depending on wheelchair, a resident's movement is limited to the accessibility level of her/ his environment.

An adaptive outdoor space, such as the Geroge Boyack Caboodle, has the capacity to react in response to passing seasons and curate the experience of its visitors.

Seating placed in the shade will have people chill protected from the summer's scorching sun. Arched covered pathways will invite to a gentle stroll in Autumn.

Straw bale makeshift seating lounging in the sun bring warmth to the space, inviting for a stolen respite.

Friendly firepits call for a sin-along, hot-chocolate accompanied gathering.

Seniors chilling in the shade
Seniors chilling in the shade

An arched pathway invites to a gentle stroll
Arched pathway at the Caboodle

A winter gathering is always better around a warm fire
Christmas event at the George Boyack Caboodle

Straw bales are organic, versatile materials that make a great seating
Straw bale seating


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