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Meet you by the Cow. The importance of landmarks in urban design and a senior-friendly city.

Memorable places, parks, buildings, structures and significant changes in landscape help us navigate the city, triggering familiar memories from our past experiences. The way we move, almost on autopilot, every day, is by subconsciously validating a series of landmarks that act as breadcrumbs to our destination.

Designing intentional landmarks in a neighbourhood may help people that are at risk becoming disoriented at a moment's notice, by giving them a significant sight to ground themselves and mitigate the inevitable feeling of panic that comes with it.

Art installations, character-filled buildings, a designed fence, wayfinding posts and even colorful benches along the way can all help a senior, child or anyone else for that matter, navigate the city.

Strawbale cow in a pop-up park
Cow landmark at George Boyack long term care facility


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